I’m so glad you wrote with your preschooler’s questions. I agree that snack and outside time matters!
So, for snack, we offer it two times a day plus there is usually a snack prep work in the Practical Life area of the classroom. At the snack table we offer two different food groups morning and afternoon. For example, it might be crackers and cheese, fruit and cereal, or perhaps sliced veggies and tortilla chips. Snack prep in Practical Life may be banana slicing, spreading sunflower butter on rice cakes or even making yourself a bowl of cereal with rice milk.
Practical Life is the area of the classroom where the skills of daily living are addressed. Some preschools may have a play kitchen with plastic or wooden food – we use real tools and real food. In addition to food prep there might be hammering nails, or sawing wood, color mixing, table washing with a big bucket, scrub brush, soap and more in that activity area. Practical Life activities extend to the outdoor time too. There are appropriately sized shovels and rakes, wagons and buckets to attend to outdoor activities. Recess is at least twice daily (about 45 minutes each time in the fair weather 20-30 minutes in colder weather) morning and afternoon.
I’ve included a couple of pictures to help illustrate these answers. Please give my best to your daughter and tell her to keep the questions coming!
With joy,