Middle School students are beginning a study of drawing, including properties of line, creating volume, and becoming aware of value (lights and darks). But we needed something fun and challenging to draw! So we began by creating plaster casts of our hands. Students began drawing simple spheres, and will be working up to increasingly complex compositions including their hands.

Upper Elementary students are working on soft sculptures (which may be used as pillows). They created a drawing to work from, enlarged the drawing to butcher paper and are now in the process of pinning and cutting out their patterns. They will be painting their fabric with fabric dye (red yellow and blue, mixing to create secondary and tertiary colors) and adding embroidered or other fabric elements if desired. Then comes sewing and stuffing!

Lower Elementary students are well into the process of creating “Felt Paintings”. They are learning how to transfer a drawing using “old fashioned” carbon paper, and then using their tracing paper as a pattern to cut pieces of felt to desired shapes. They based their images on animals in a South American habitat.

Kindergarten students have been sculpting with cardboard and adding layers of paper mache to create suns. They are all ready for a base layer of paint. Once the base layer is dry they will add features and decorative elements