Montessori Toddler

Your child’s first steps to independence are well supported by the care and guidance provided at our Montessori school.  The Montessori curriculum is designed to engage your child’s natural curiosity and eagerness to “do it myself”. Program enrolls children ages 18 months to 2 years and 11 months at the time of admission.

Remote Learning: Rajpaul leads a Toddler Activity

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Bursting with energy and enthusiasm to tackle the world Montessori provides toddlers with the equipment and lessons to toddlergain mastery of their physical skills.  Climbing, rolling, balancing and other gross motor lessons are in equal measure with lessons to develop your child’s fine motor skills.

The Mathematical Mind

Sorting items into “sets” by color, shape, or size leads to the counting of those sets.  A group of three items becomes concretely “three”.  Tracing the sandpaper numerals leads to numeral recognition and a concrete correspondence of number and numeral.

Explosion of Expressive Language

Your child has been learning the sounds of speech for their whole life.  The toddler years bring the expressive language skills to light as the child learns to name the everyday objects in their world.  The power of language is in full swing as Montessori materials and lessons spur on the skills building at a rapid pace.

Everyday Living Skills

Montessori lessons in grace and courtesy pave the way as your child moves from home to school to the broader community.  From parallel play into cooperative play children want to engage with each other.  Montessori social lessons range from how to ask to joinin play then wait for the answer, how to wait and how to go first with grace.  Children learn to respond with care and respect. Young ones learn to name their feelings and nurture their empathy for the feelings of others.


We offer a variety of flexible schedules to meet your child and family’s needs. Choose from morning only or full day options within a two, three, four or five day schedule. Our Director of Admissions, Laura Frogameni, will work with you to create the perfect schedule. Click here to contact Laura for more information.

Montessori kids

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