Our youngest students enter the prepared environment to find materials that are attractive and complete.  Attractive means the material or tray of work calls to the sensitive period of development in which the child resides.  Complete; the tray or material has all you need to take the work through a cycle including the control of error that allows the child to self-correct in the moment.  This self-correction allows the child to completely execute and refine a skill without the interruption of outside praise or censure.

In their first year the child will move about choosing activities and observing what others choose to do. As the child matures they begin to form a plan.  You will see this development in the youngest children when they declare “I will choose that work when my friend is done, I’m next”.   This grows into a child articulating they will be choosing or asking for a certain lesson “tomorrow”.  This forms the basic stage upon which the child will develop their executive function skills.