Parents Connect


Parents have a formal opportunity to visit their child’s classroom on a regular basis. During these visits, called workshares, each child has an opportunity to show their parent what they have been working on in the classroom. These visits are an important time for the child to demonstrate their favorite activities and for the parent to view the Montessori classroom in action.

Children’s House workshares take place bi-weekly from October through May, at 8:30 in the morning, for one half hour. They may be on a Thursday or Friday, depending on the classroom. Elementary workshares are scheduled once per month from October through April. They generally take place on the first Tuesday of the month from 3:15 to 4:00 PM and are followed by Elementary Connections from 4:00-5:00 PM.


Throughout the year our community gathers together in celebration of many different aspects of life. Events include Celebration of Peace, Harvest Gathering, Solstice Celebration and a Culmination Ceremony at the close of the school year.

Here are a few other special events not to be missed at MSN. MSN_SC12_0203

Family Sing  Monthly after school sing-along for families led by our very own Montessori teacher and singer-songwriter Burchie Green.

Poetry Cafe Lower Elementary students (and parents, if they wish) share poems they have written and/or memorized.

Science Share Upper Elementary hosts an annual science fair which is attended by all the children in the school and parents if they wish. The Science Fair offers an opportunity for each Upper Elementary student to experience the scientific method (pose a question, create a hypothesis, test the hypothesis and analyze the results) and create a presentation for the school community.

Kindergarten Showcase Our Kindergarten students showcase all they have learned in their midday “specials” classes which include art, music, Spanish and yoga.

Field Day An annual event each June, on Field Day multiage, cross-classroom teams enjoy a variety of fun outdoor events, ending with watermelon slices for all.

BalanceGrandparents/Grand Friends Day This special day occurs every other year and recognizes the importance of special adults in our children’s lives. Students will share with their visitors what they have been learning in school as well as take part in special projects and activities. Your child’s friend may be a grandparent, other relative, friend, or neighbor with whom your child would like to share a bit of their classroom experience. The visit is either a morning or afternoon one that lasts about an hour.

Special Programs

Stepping Stones Orientation Program This is a weekly program for new families entering our school offered over a month in the spring. Parents and children join together with our Director of Admissions in a mini-classroom setting with playground time to follow.

13-14_Strides-Indoors_0025Curriculum Nights Children’s House and Elementary curriculum nights are held on two separate evenings. This is an opportunity for families to be in their children’s classrooms and learn more about our Montessori curriculum. These evenings include childcare (and pizza) with prior sign-up.

Conferences Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year. This provides sit-down time for you to discuss your child and his/her development. Conference care is available for children ages 2.9 and older or either the full afternoon or just during their conference.

Kindergarten and Elementary Sneak Previews These are events for parents who want to learn more about the next level of programming for their child. Held during a school morning, parents observe in classrooms then meet with faculty and staff to ask questions and discuss Montessori education.

Elementary Parents Workshop – Positive Puberty (Grades 4-6) We host a program for our 9-12 year olds called “Positive Puberty.” The program runs for four days. Prior to its start, an evening meeting for parents is held to explain what is covered with the children and to answer any questions or concerns. This meeting is for Upper Elementary parents, but others are welcome to join.

The Montessori School of Northampton
Guidance For Our School Community

Holding HandsIn an extension of our curriculum focus on Grace and Courtesy, the staff has adopted a “harmony agreement” which provides guidelines for how we strive to interact as a community.  It reads as follows:

We appreciate our peaceful community, founded on treating each other with respect and understanding; therefore, we…
* Speak with the intention of bringing clarity and caring to ourselves and others;
* Recognize our feelings and reactions as our own;
* Respect the privacy of others and gracefully accept not knowing;
* Respect the rights and sensitivities of others in words and actions;
* Regard those with whom we have difficulty as our greatest teachers;
* Address and resolve conflicts as quickly as possible;
* Speak directly to the person with whom the conflict arose;
* Speak about our own experience, being open to the experience of others;

Bullying Prevention and Intervention