The admission process begins with a visit to our school. Daytime tours can be scheduled at 9 or 10 am weekdays.  We offer open houses on Saturdays. We hope you will like what you see and then apply for your child.  Once an application is on file with the Admissions Office, a child visit will be scheduled.  For the youngest children we’ll plan a 30 minute parent and child classroom visit.  For Elementary and Middle School students a half to full day visit is required.  For all children currently in a school or group program, please complete the Records Request form enclosed with the Application for Admission.  Once the parent visit and student visit  are complete and records/reference forms received we will contact you with an admission decision.  Financial aid applications are considered for an award once a student has been accepted. Admission First Round Deadlines:  January 25thfor Upper School (grades 4-8); February 15th for Lower School (pre-K-grade 3); Rolling Admissions for Toddlers

Financial Aid First Round Deadline:  February 1st for all programs