Dear Parents,

As phase one of the Head of School search begins to wind down, I am excited to tell you that I will be joining the committee for the projects final two phases. On July 1st I will take over for Tony Paik as Chair. I look forward to working with each of you as the new Head of School selection process continues to unfold.

The committee, listed below, has successfully created a solid platform to attract highly qualified candidates for this position. I will work hard to complete the vision set forth by Tony and the committee. The search process is on track and we begin in-person interviews fall of 2016 with the final hiring phase in 2017.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to pull us aside in person or contact us at

My very best,

Kelly Minton

Head of School Search Comittee Members:

Matt Anderson, Montessori Educator- Children’s House
Sarah Carlan, School Counselor
Elizabeth Dunaway, Board President
Laura Frogameni, Director of Admissions
Johanna Greenough, Montessori Educator – Elementary
Kelly Minton, Chair, Board member
Debra Thompson, Board member