Dear MSN Families,
Kristin Smith, Lice Technician, reported that one case of head lice was found in Children’s House 2 and two cases in the Lower El classrooms (one case in each) on her visit on Tuesday, September 15th.

We are arranging for her to come back in two weeks to do a follow-up visit.

I was out of the office on Tuesday. We apologize for getting this update out to you one day after. Our intent is always to inform you as quickly as possible.

Thank you to all of you who are doing your share in prevention at home. Ideally, we ask that parents check heads at home on a regular basis. Please continue to check your children’s heads regularly at home. If you find lice or evidence of lice, treat as needed and then call the school to let us know. Thank you for your cooperation.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind families of our head lice policies and procedures:

1. The office will send an email update to all families.

2. If we find lice in a classroom, we will post a yellow sign that reads “A child in this class has been diagnosed with head lice.”

3. If we find head lice on a child, we will call that child’s parents. The parents are expected to take the child home and treat. Upon returning to school, children will need to be checked in the front office to make sure that they are nit-free. Please be prepared to wait in case your child will require further treatment which normally involves going home and undergoing more nit removal.

4. We will notify the classroom where the lice/nits were found. Please do not ask/call Kristin Smith to find out if your child has lice (again, the school will notify you). She will be available on the phone to families whose children will need treatment.

5. We respect a family’s privacy and will not give out names. We give out that information (with permission) only to family’s who have been in direct contact or have had recent play dates that we know of with the infected child.

You’re welcome to visit Kristin Smith’s website: Kristin is available for consultation outside of her time at our school to parents who wish to contract with her individually.

Rose Cabrera
Registrar/Office Manager