We are quickly approaching culmination! We are practicing our songs and getting ready for the big day on Friday, June 12th. As you all know, we will be at Northampton High School for this event. The ceremony will be in the NHS auditorium. The picnic and dessert potluck will be downstairs in the cafeteria after the ceremony. Here are a few reminders:

Dress: This is a special occasion so we ask that all of the children participating dress up. This does not mean fancy clothes, but taking that extra moment to freshen up from an active day before coming.

A NOTE to those children who will be wearing dresses on stage. When we get comfortable on stage, we sometimes forget how we are sitting, and there can be a pretty good view of underclothing. We love to see children wearing dresses or skirts, we suggest, therefore, wearing spandex/gym shorts under the dress or skirt.

Plan to bring : Bug spray, sunscreen, a dinner picnic for your family, a peanut/tree nut-free dessert for the community potluck.

Arrival: Children will gather in the band room at 4:45pm. Front doors will open at 4:40pm. A teacher will be at the front door of the high school to direct you to the right location. After your child is in the band room, you may make your way to the auditorium.

Dessert/ Picnic: There will be tables in the foyer on which you can place your picnic and dessert item so that you needn’t bring them into the auditorium. Please remember to pick them up after the ceremony. All desserts must be tree nut/peanut free. Please bring finger-food-type desserts such as brownies, cookies, lemon bars, etc. to share.

Dismissal: At the end of the ceremony (after the final all-school song), we will announce for the children to be dismissed from the stage (Elementary) or front of the stage (Children’s House) to you using our class dismissal song. Once you are together, please head to the cafeteria for the picnic and dessert potluck. Although staff will be present for the evening, children are the responsibility of their parents at that point.

Seating Arrangements at the Picnic: We are grouping many tables in the cafeteria this year by class to give families an opportunity to eat with their child’s class. Look for labels designating your class.

Play: Children are welcome to play (supervised) out behind the cafeteria. The only thing we ask is that you not allow them to run among the hedges that slope down to the playing field. These hedges are in the shape of the letters NHS (Northampton High School) and are off limits. There is plenty of space around that area for children to have a wonderful time. No bare feet, please.