August 4, 2016
To Our MSN Community,
It’s been two weeks since we last shared our progress with you.  Shrubs have been removed, holes have been dug and the foundation is being laid!  It is so amazing to watch our new building slowly take shape, even below the ground.  If you have the chance to stop by, a reminder that you are looking at the lower level not the main floor where the classrooms will be.  But you can see the basic outline for Upper Elementary on the left side of the whole structure and  the basic outline of Middle School on the right.
I want to thank Renaissance Builders for sending along these pictures to share with all of you.

July 2016  July 2016   july 2016

They are pouring the walls today!  This picture shows many of the forms around the building into which the concrete will be poured.

As I shared last time the Learning Cottage will become the temporary Upper School building this fall.  Walls have been reconfigured to accommodate  a larger Upper Elementary class with plenty of room for Middle School on the other side. However, the pictures I sent you last time were both of the Middle School classroom.  Below you will see pictures of the Upper El space.  It is on the left hand side of the Learning Cottage with more space and a recessed area for a cubby space.

Upper El

Expect the next update around August 18th with further  pictures and information on how we are doing! If you have any questions you would like me to answer, please reply to this post.
Great happenings ahead!
Take care,
Susan Swift
Head of School