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Kathy Murri

The Business Office handles billing and financial aid applications at our school.  Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees by the end of January of each year for the coming school year, and varies by program.

Tuition information is available by contacting our Director of Admissions.  We offer a variety of payment plans for your convenience.

Our school administers an in-house financial aid program, and accepts vouchers through local community action agencies as well as subsidies for active and reserve military personnel and veterans.  Please contact the Business Office if you are intending to use one of these vouchers or subsidies to pay for tuition.  Information on applying for financial aid follows below.— Kathy Murri, Business Manager

Financial Aid

In-House Financial Aid Program

The school administers an in-house financial aid program.  To apply, families submit an application to TADS. The applications must be completed by February 1 for first-round consideration.   Applications received after that date will only be considered if funds are still available.  Applications can only be completed online at the TADS website; if this presents a problem, please contact our Business Manager, Kathy Murri. Click here to contact Kathy.  As part of the application process, you will also need to upload your most recent tax return to the TADS website.  TADS analyzes your financial information, develops a recommendation of how much you can afford to contribute toward tuition, and sends this to the school (remember to designate MSN as a report recipient).  The following links will take you to a worksheet which will guide you in gathering the information needed for the financial aid application, and to the actual application.

Click here to apply at

Click here to apply at

9Awards are based on the overall need for the coming year and the resources available. Please be sure to submit your application to TADS by February 1 so we can consider it in the first round. We do accept applications after that date, but our pool of remaining funds may be limited. Once awards are made, parents are notified and contracts are issued reflecting the financial aid awards.

Voucher Program and Military Subsidies

The Montessori School of Northampton accepts vouchers for the first two years of the Children’s House program on a space-available basis.  Vouchers are issued by community agencies such as New England Farm Workers’ Council. The agency will determine your eligibility for a voucher and your daily parent fee that represents your portion of the tuition. They will also pay the school an additional tuition amount directly. These two together do not add up to full tuition, so in-house financial aid is needed to cover the rest of the tuition for students receiving vouchers.  Because financial aid funds are limited, we limit the number of vouchers we accept in any given year.  If you are applying for admission and expect to pay your tuition with a voucher, please notify us immediately so we can determine if there will be matching funds available from our financial aid budget.

We are happy to work with families who are receiving reserve, active-duty, or veterans’ child care subsidies.  If you have such a subsidy, please contact the Business Office to make the appropriate arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        If I tell you my family’s income, can you tell me if I will be eligible for financial aid?
A:        Unfortunately, no.  When you complete the application for financial aid, TADS analyzes your income, assets, debts, family obligations, etc., in determining their estimate of your family’s contribution toward tuition. It is a complex calculation based on many factors.  In addition, our in-house Financial  Aid Committee also considers the amount of funding available that year, the number of applicants, and your own estimate of your contribution when making an award.

Q:       How and when will I know if I receive an award?
A:        The Financial Aid Committee will begin meeting weekly soon after the first round deadline (February 1) in order to begin considering applications. In order for your application to be considered in the first round, it must be submitted by February 1.  Once the committee considers your application, you will be notified by letter, which will be accompanied by an amended enrollment contract if an award is made.

Q:       If I receive an award, do I still have to pay the full rate for the auxiliary programs?
A:        If you enroll your child in Early Bird or After School for the full year, your fees for those programs will be prorated at a rate consistent with your financial aid  award.  (Your rate of discount will be included in the award letter.)  Fees for drop-in Early Bird/After School time, conference care, mini-sessions, and summer programs are not prorated.

Q:        If I receive an award this year, do I have to reapply next year?
A:        Yes, you need to reapply every year you wish to be considered for aid.  However,  returning families may anticipate receiving similar levels of financial aid from year to year if neither the family’s nor the school’s financial circumstances change significantly.

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