Parent Answers

Some answers from parents to the question, “Why a Montessori education for your child?”


“After spending so much time looking at schools and especially researching Montessori, it was amazing to see the philosophies in action. Montessori practices have already added to our child’s home life. However, seeing trained teachers work with the children really allowed us to feel sure that Northampton Montessori School is the exact place that we want to be.”

“We are considering a Montessori Education for our family because we understand the importance of this time in our child’s development.  We have read research that shows how critical a quality early childhood education is to the development of a young child’s brain, setting the stage for future learning.  The philosophy of peaceful and quiet guidance, independently driven learning, and the use of multi-intelligence learning through all the senses, sets this program apart from a typical childhood experience.”

“We like the idea of guides in the classroom, and that each item in the classroom has a meaning and/or purpose.”

“We were impressed with the warmth and care of the classroom.  We like the direct, one on one interactions that we have witnessed with teachers and students during the observation, particularly the intimacy the teachers seem to have with the students.”

“What has struck me most about Montessori education and the children I have met who attend Montessori school is how much they love to learn and discover.  The independence and yet interdependence, the creativity in the midst of structure, and the tranquility despite so much freedom to choose, amazed me as I observed the classroom. “

“I was very impressed by the way the teachers worked with the children and the children worked together.”


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