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Mark Dansereau

At our school, children are given the precious gift of time: time to know themselves, time to nurture friendships, time to learn, explore and reach out to the world around them. Montessori education is a dynamic philosophy with over a hundred years of experience in “helping children help themselves.”

We invite you to come and experience our school for yourself. Take a tour of our campus. Observe in our toddler, preschool and elementary classes and picture your child in our classrooms. We would love the opportunity to show you our community with the hope that you will consider making it yours.

— Mark Dansereau
Head of School

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Our philosophy makes the difference: Our program is based on a complete understanding of child development developed by Dr. Maria Montessori and supported in the 100+ years since by scientific research.  Respect for the child is the central component.

Our curriculum makes the difference:  Covering every discipline, our sequential curriculum allows students the opportunity to participate in discovery using the specialized Montessori materials.  Teachers present individual, small or large group lessons, and emphasize respect for self, others, and the environment.

Our classrooms make the difference:  In an multiage classroom environment carefully planned and prepared by the teachers, children benefit from the ownership of their choices to become self-motivated, self-directed learners.

Our teachers make the difference:  Trained in child development and the Montessori method, the teachers follow the child by observing their curiosity and development in order to plan the next steps and guide each individual child along the path of learning.

Our students make the difference:  From learning how to work out an issue with a classmate to community service starting at a young age, our students develop healthy self-esteem, respect for others and a sense of where they fit in the world.

Our community makes the difference:  Our students, families and staff form a caring, supportive community where diversity in all its meanings is welcomed.


Diversity Statement


The Montessori School of Northampton has been educating children since 1976. Our families come from three counties (Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin) and from over fifteen towns from throughout the Pioneer Valley.

Our school has a strong sense of community and reflects and welcomes diversity. At the start of each school year we offer three events to bring the school community together.  Back to School Night is a school wide event introducing parents to faculty and staff and providing orientation information.  Curriculum Nights at all levels invite parents to visit in their classrooms with teachers to learn more about one another and the Montessori curriculum.  Potlucks bring together parents, children and faculty in a relaxed setting.  These programs set the stage for connections joyously made and nurtured throughout the year.

The Montessori School of Northampton
Mission Statement

The Montessori School of Northampton is firmly rooted in Maria Montessori’s philosophy as it applies to today’s world. The school provides an exceptional education with a comprehensive curriculum, covered at a pace and sequence adapted for a variety of learning styles; emphasizes compassion, inclusiveness and respectful resolution of conflict; and promotes the interrelatedness of everything in the world and its peoples.

By following this mission, the Montessori School of Northampton strives to prepare:

  • Well-educated and inquisitive students
  • Effective self-directed learners
  • Caring and confident human beings participating in their home communities
  • Engaged, informed and responsible citizens of the global community.
Here are some of our parents’ and alums’ answers to the question, “Why MSN?”

“We wanted an environment that would allow our children to grow socially, emotionally and academically. It was this combination, in addition to the welcoming community, that attracted us to MSN.”

“I can never forget the skills I learned and the memories I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I know that Montessori endowed me with the creative intellect and independent learning style that has defined me as a student, and pushed me to go above and beyond what is required.” (MSN alumni, upon college acceptance)


“We looked at many schools and found MSN to have quieter classrooms. We liked the location, low student-teacher ratios, focus on community and strong academic program.”

“We really like the Montessori philosophy. MSN impressed us because it has an established elementary program, a nice school and playground, and a structured and nurturing environment.”

“I am impressed! Not only with the way my children have become independent and creative learners, but also with how they’ve learned to hold themselves to such high standards. My kids have learned to work and learn for the love of it.”

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

–Dr. Maria Montessori

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