“An interesting observation with the boys and golf right now. Maybe it’s their ages (10 & 11). I also think it’s their Montessori school’s approach to just about everything and their golf coach (Suzy Whaley) who treats golf as a truly educational project, but lately the mindset is that each hole is a puzzle for problem-solving. Each “off” swing is a research project to investigate. The boys have to make a decision, commit to a choice, and execute a shot. Each time they do this, I’m in awe of the mature behavior all of that requires. But when it doesn’t go exactly as planned – that’s where the real grit and character comes in. Who knows what will happen in this up-coming 3 day tournament, but I really love the head-space that the kids have found. Golf is a marathon. For even the best players. How you think through that challenge is infinitely interesting and is different each year we come to Pinehurst. Always impressed by their drive and grace. So thrilled to take this journey with the kids.”

-Musings of a Montessori parent at the start of a youth golf tournament in which her sons engaged this past week.