To Our School Community,

As this year draws to a close, we are already planning for the coming year.  I am writing to share these plans with you.

As you know, Little Children’s House will be expanding its programming to include a 4 and 5 day full-day component.  Drew Lyecker will be moving on and we wish her all the best. Susan Jaafar will be joining Esther Harris and Kathleen Berelson as the Montessori head teacher of this program.

Late this spring we made the difficult decision of combining Children’s House 4 with another classroom. The hope of maintaining four Children’s House classrooms became the reality of enrollment numbers and solidifying the existing classes to have the best school possible. In some cases it meant creating new classroom teams as holding on to our wonderful staff is important to us.

Below are the teams that will greet you in September:

Children’s House 1 will be staffed by Colleen Smith, Carol Shumans and Amber Tanudjaja.

Children’s House 2 will be staffed by Kristin Schlereth, Matthew Anderson and Chelsea Marchetti.

Children’s House 3 will be staffed by Darlene Bowen, Cheryl Cardinal and Burchie Green.

Lower and Upper Elementary will maintain their current staffing.

The Children’s House 4 space will continue its multipurpose use.  It will be a home for middle school planning, a space for our arts program and will be used by Early Bird and After School as we plan for the future.

As a staff we are looking forward to a summer of resting, rejuvenating, and to rejoining you and your family in the fall.

We wish you a wonderful summer.